Montag, Juni 12, 2006

Founded in 1989
Blackforest Germany


Oswin Czerwinski
Jürgen Eberhard

Wellen falscher Blondinen, Tape, Wolkenschädel Records, Germany, 1990
Compilation 1990-1993, Tape Wolkenschädel Records Germany, 1993
Nosh, Tape Audiofile Tapes USA 1994
Mother, Son & Holy Ghost, Single,USA, 1995
Yoked Oxen,Tape Fool`s Paradise Records, Great Britain,1996
Kornzweig Baby, Tape, Fich Art, Germany 1996
Froschdosis, Single, Drone Records, Germany, 1996
Papagoyenboom, CDR, Absurd Records, Greece, 1997
Apfelmost und Essig, LP, Epileptic Records, Germany, 1999
Hungerhakens Speckrolle, CDR, Absurd Records, Greece, 2001
Dark King, Split Single, White Rabbit Records, Germany, 2004
Omafish, Mini CD, Twister Knister, Germany, 2005
Toads & Bugs, Split Double CD, White Rabbit Records, Germany 2006
Abkratzede, Split 10 inch, Lichtung Records, Germany 2006, ( not yet released )

Projekts, Concerts:
1994 Mail Art Projekt of Swiss Post, Alpines Postmuseum Bern, Switzerland.
1994 Radio Show on KFR Radio, San Jose USA.
1994 Radio Live Concert at Radio Lora Zürich with Schimpfluch Gruppe, Switzerland.
1994 Telefon Art Festival, Rüsselsheim by End Art, Germany.
1994 Concert at Drone Extrakt with Para Noise Terminal and Maeror Tri, Bremen Germany.
1995 Concert at Ausklang Festival, B-Movie Hamburg, Germany.
1996 Concert at Industrial Meeting, Zwischenfall Bochum , Germany.
1996 Concert at Duften Drüsen,with Schlauch and Fuckhead, Flex, Wien Austria.
1996 Concert at Lichthaus e.V. für Digitale Medien, Bremen Germany.
1997 Concert at Industrial Festival, OJC Kompass, St. Niklaas, Belgium.
2002 Concert at Drugcorner Sielwalleck, Bremen, Germany.
2004 Split Concert with Braut die See, Tower Bremen, Germany.
2003 Concert At Tower Bremen, 3 Minutes Intensivshow, Bremen, Germany.
2005 Concert Mikrogalerie Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst GAK, Bremen, Germany.
2005 Concert Automatenfestival, Projekt 42, Mönchengladbach, Germany.
2006 Open Space, Berlin, Germany.
2006 Dark Ambient Festival, Galerie Scherer, Berlin, Germany.
2006 Gärtnerstraße with B°tong, Basel, Suisse.
2006 Galerie Dadadenada, Hamburg, Germany.
Contribution to Compilations:
Transmission Two, Tape, Fich Art, Germany 1994
Formen des Wohnens, Tape End Art, Germany 1994
Dead Monnlight, Tape, Epitapes, USA 1994
Güteklasse, CD, NBU, Germany 1995
Noise Factory, CD, Steinsein, Germany 1995
Noise Factory, CD, Steinsein, Germany 1996
Noisenet, CD, Noise Taiwan, 1998


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